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by Sven Gusevik

[poster from Dutch book '25 years of pop music']

Welcome to the Ellen Foley Magazine Index. This page attempts to comprehensively list every magazine and newspaper featuring Ellen Foley interviews - and to provide links to scans of the actual articles as well. You will also find sections with reviews of Ellen's albums, playbills from her musical/theatre performances, and other types of printed memorabilia.

Magazines are sorted alphabetically, and each entry includes title of article, name of author, and publication date - followed by hyperlinks to scans. Non-English magazines are also included (and wanted). I would like to provide English translations of these as well - anyone care to help with transcripts? Some of the magazines have no publication date listed - can you fill in the missing information?

If you have any articles missing from this index, please send details, plus a good scan-copy (make sure it is readable!) to - please scan in colour if the original is in colour, or if the original is turning yellowish. I will be adding more articles from my own collection on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often! Quick links:

interviews | reviews | memorabilia | playbills | fan club magazines

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- Ellen Foley fan club magazines -

The Official Ellen Foley Fan Club was active for a few years back in the early 80s. The club newsletter was a photocopied A4-effort, published 3-4 times a year - and filled with Foley interviews and news stories. I have now made them all available as downloadable PDF document for offline browsing / printing. You need a viewer to read them - but you can dowload Acrobat Reader for free here, if it is not already installed on your system.

- Newsletter #1 (December 1981) Download #1 (1.695kb)
- Newsletter #2 (March 1982) Download #2 (1.520kb)
- Newsletter #3 (June 1982) Download #3 (3.374kb)
- Newsletter #4 (September 1982) Download #4 (2.041kb)
- Newsletter #5 (Januar 1983) Download #5 (702kb)
- Newsletter #6 (May 1983) Download #6 (1.584kb)
- Newsletter #7 (July 1983) Download #7 (1.789kb)
- Newsletter #8 (October 1983) Download #8 (1.890kb)